If you wish to buy or sell a house in Portugal, these are the documents you will need. Some are mandatory to present at the notary during the final deed contract, others are necessary to satisfy a bank or a more demanding buyer.

This article is part of the “Como Vender a Sua Casa” series.

Identifications of the buyers and sellers Land Registry Certificate (Certidão Permanente do Registo Predial ou Certidão de Teor) Fiscal Registry Certificate (Caderneta Predial ou Certidão Matricial)
Energy Certificate (Certificado Energético) Payment Slip of IMT and IS taxes Licence of Use (Licença de Utilização)*
Technical Certificate (Ficha Técnica)* Mortgage Dissolution (Destrate de Hipoteca)* Tenants preference right waver letter (Carta com Direitos de Preferência dos Inquilinos)*
Previous Final Deed (Escritura) ** Condominium Minutes (Actas de Condomínio) ** House Plan (Plantas)**

* Can be mandatory

** Not mandatory but usefull

Now, the documents in a list format:

  • Mandatory
  • Can be Mandatory
    • Licence of Use (Licença de Utilização);
    • Technical Certificate (Ficha Técnica);
    • Mortgage Dissolution (Destrate da Hipoteca);
    • Tenants preference rights waver letter (carta com direitos de preferência dos inquilinos);
  • Not Mandatory but usefull
    • Previous Deed Contract (Escritura anterior);
    • Condominium Minutes (Actas de Condomínio);
    • House Plan (Plantas).

Identification of the Buyer and Seller

Documento de Identificação - Cartão de Cidadão

When selling a building unit the notary will need the buyer and seller’s identification documents. In Portugal , these are usual the citizen card (cartão de cidadão), which have a registry ID number and fiscal ID number. The old version of this document are actualy two documents, the identity card (bilhete de identidade) and the fiscal card (Cartão de Identificação Fiscal), than can still have a valid date.

If one or more parties are firms, then their Permanent Certification Registry (Certidão Permanente de Registo Comercial) printout and access codes will be necessary, as well as the idenficication documents of the people representing those firms.


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